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Post  Greeny on Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:46 am

I would like to "Welcome" everyone that comes here to sign up and visit. If for some odd reason I am unable to thoroughly greet everyone that enters Dames de Véracité, I do apologize. There are going to be many changes, and many aspects to Dames de Véracité to come! Please be patient as these changes do not always happen swiftly.

Dames de Véracité (meaning Ladies of Veracity), is planned to be a forum where women can:
1) Learn about news/subjects/matters that are important to know.
2) Help each other with issues---any and all issues are welcome---that only women can assist in, or that we feel more comfortable bringing to the table with women.
3) Enjoy each others company in the Chatbox, located at the bottom of the homepage.

I would like to add that the DV, will be a forum open to all discussion and interests. However I will have to announce that there are (as always) rules:

i. Be polite and courteous to all fellow members while in the Chatbox and in your posting.
ii. If this is not complied with in the Chatbox you will be:
iii. Kicked out of the Chatbox, for a cool-down. Return to the Chatbox after you had a "breather".
iv. If an admin/mod of the Chatbox decides you are not trying to comply with the rules, you'll be banned.

2. If this rule is not followed within the forum itself, any of these options will take place:
(1) Your post will be deleted.
(i) You will be sent a PM, to discuss the matter and to try and solve it properly.
(2) You will be on a "probation period" to watch your path and make final decisions.
(3) You will experience a temporary or in extreme cases a permanent ban.

~Note: Obviously this is not a matter I take lightly; I understand that certain 'words' may appear from time to time. I am a prime example of this; however, I will not tolerate members becoming discourteous and vulgar to other members.

Other Rules of Behavior/Conduct:
1) Vulgar and profane language:
a. We are adults, there will be swear or cuss words from time to time but I ask that we try to keep this toned down in our posts, as to not offend any fellow member.
ii) If you do not care for such language while in the Chatbox, all you have to do is
iii) Politely ask the box chatters to stop the use of profanity.
iv) As always, if this matter is addressed and someone asks you to discontinue, respectfully do so or expect the proper measurements to follow.

2) Vulgar and Profane Behavior:
a. This subject includes: Pictures, videos, context, and all subject matter.
b. Please try to keep all things here as “clean” and “proper” as possible.

~Note: All administrators, moderators and members should understand that this means if any subject is brought to the attention of a moderator or administrator that the matter will be dealt with. If it is not brought to us, and we do not find it offensive with out the subject brought to our attention it will most likely remain.

The most important thing to know is, we can not help you if you do not bring it to our attention. We are all, our own person, and as such we will have differing opinions on what will be regarded as proper behavior.

As time goes on I may post additions to these rules. And I will post a list of all moderators and administrators. Please bring any matter to the moderator of the category you are having issues within first. If you are uncomfortable with this for any reason, put the matter to an administrator, and as always I will help out everyone.

Thank you,


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