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Post  Greeny on Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:32 pm

Baking Soda as it relates to beauty, hair and bath:

1. Facial Cleanser: Sprinkle some B.S. Very Happy (baking soda from here out), into your hand add a little water to make a paste to scrub your face with. It's a gentle scrub which will leave your skin feeling fantastic, clean and healthy.
2. Hair Buildup Remover: After a while from using shampoos and it builds up on your hair, and probably scalp too. Next time you go to wash your hair, use B.S. The B.S. will strip the build-up from your hair leaving it soft and "really" clean. Warning: I don't know how it affects dye and other coloring methods, but I don't think it will harm it. Use caution if you use these, and test a small area should be fine, but just in case.
3. Cleaning Jewelry: Make a soft paste using water. Use it with a soft cloth to wipe away tarnish, sweat and all other nasty things that may be on the jewelry. This works best with silver but it will shine up the most stubborn golds and costume jewelry we use to looking splendid!

There is a Zit Buster use, however I want to look into it first. I've heard that it is not good for your skins health even though it can get rid of the intrusive zits.

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